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At Burke Supply we believe that going green requires more than a fancy logo and new brands of products. We desire to find real world solutions to help customers implement sustainable initiatives focused on the three R’s

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

With this concept in mind we are able to provide earth friendly products including green cleaning chemicals. Our green mission is to help create a healthier work environment.  Whether a business is in the starting phase of green implementation or is looking to take giant steps toward a healthier planet, Burke Supply can help find the best path.

Today, when we implement a Green Cleaning Program, we are not merely replacing single traditional products with a single green alternative. The goal of Green Cleaning is to reduce the total impact on health and the environment while improving occupant productivity and satisfaction all-the-while protecting the owner’s investment. We accomplish this by cleaning more efficiently and with healthier products, systems, tools, equipment, training, and quality landfill.


Who Sets the Standard for Green Cleaning Products and Procedures?

There are four governmental and non-profit organizations that are all headquartered in Washington D.C –

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency )
  • GREEN SEAL ( Non-Profit Organization)
  • ECOLOGO (Non-Profit Organization)
  • USGBC (United States Green Building Council)
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

The EPA is a federal government agency that is responsible for the overall protection of the environment. They have established guidelines for towel and tissue recycled content and the like. They are also responsible for the testing and possible banning of hazardous chemical compounds from the cleaning chemicals we use. The Green Seal non-profit organization has established a set of standards and puts their seal of approval on chemicals, paper products as well as several other items. Green Seal chemicals must meet their GS-37 standards before they are approved by the organization. The USGBC is another non-profit organization which has created the LEED program. They have established two sets of standards, one for existing buildings (LEED-EB) and one for new buildings (LEED-NB). In our industry we are mostly dealing with the existing building standards.

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